Marz Community Beverage Co.

1950 North Western Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60604


First and foremost, we’re a beverage company.

Which means everything we make is freaking delicious with a surprising yet balanced flavor profile, specially concocted by our brew masters, mixologists, coffee roasters, and other artisanal gourmand friends who are all part of the world-renowned Marz Brewing family. We’re not here just to sell you a can of CBD and tell you it’ll suddenly make your life amazing—it’s supposed to taste good too.

The focus of the entire Marz universe is one thing: community. That’s what actually feels good. A Marz beverage makes it even better. Sipped alone on its own or incorporated as a mixed beverage these beverages are designed for a palate that enjoys a little adventure and wants to experience something truly unique, for good vibes, focus, and chill. Grab a buddy and enjoy.