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A lil introduction.
A lil introduction.

Lumpen — noun — people belonging to a low or contemptible segment of social class or kind because of their unproductiveness, shiftlessness, alienation, degeneration, etc.

Lumpen Times was inspired by A.J. Libeling’s dictum: “freedom of the press belongs to those who own one," which we followed up with: “and it's a good thing we do.” Since day one, Lumpen Times has given space to underserved, undersupported people, and questioned the authority of everyone else, whether through satire, investigative journalism, or crass humor.

Inspired by the underground press of the 60s and the alternative media of the 80s, Lumpen Times was one way a group of friends and allies investigated the politics, culture, and movements of our times. It was created to take part in the battle for truth in the infowar against corporate media: a lofty and naive ambition, but a real one too.

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